Beauty & The Broken (Paperback)


The Devotional That Captivates!

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Have you ever felt broken?

Life can be difficult, there’s no other way around it. So what’s the purpose of the hurt? What does hold for you when you want to change but don’t feel good enough to hang out with the church crowd? Beauty & The Broken was written for those who have experienced lost or setbacks. Unlike other devotionals on the market this one does not pretend that hardships don’t happen. This devotional is not sugar coated but rather touches on a wide variety of topics including prostitution and drug addictions.

Some say it’s easier to see the sins of others. Other’s only see their own sins. The broken.

Lauren shares some of her own personal story in this devotional as well about finding out that her daughter would be born with a kidney disease and not knowing how to handle the unknown. She knows that even though others say to just trust in God that actually letting go and trusting in God to take care of things is often far scarier than we would ever like to admit.